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» Songs for the Book of Luke Wins #1 Indie Worship Album

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We're happy to share that Songs for the Book of Luke, the project which features our song Not in Me, was selected by Worship Leader Magazine as the #1 independent worship album of 2013. You can read the magazine page by clicking on the image below:

» Our New Album Do Not Fear

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We're excited to announce that our new album Do Not Fear is finally available digitally and in a few weeks physically as well. Those who have supported us on this latest sonic journey know some of the obstacles that we faced getting this completed, including David's move to Nashville and career shuffle. We are hopeful that this album will provide arrangements and presentation of songs that will serve the church in public and private worship. Most of the arrangements are sparse, which resonates with my vision to serve smaller and often musically under-served congregations. Please spread the word and support this project and our ministry.

» Not in Me Additional Press

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We're happy to share that Not in Me is getting a fair amount of press. The Gospel Coalition (the organization that recorded the song) has recommended the song for congregational use at their blog. Here's an excerpt:
We have a lot of repenting Pharisees at my church, including me, which is why we enjoy singing “Not In Me” as we worship God. In fact, our band recently led this hymn at Sovereign Grace’s Worship God East conference. Although the song might have been new to many attendees, the crowd enthusiastically sang this modern hymn.
Our friends at Sovereign Grace music mentioned that they used the song at a conference a few weeks ago. It was also mentioned on the post about their new album, Grace Has Come.
I thank God that a lot of great songs for congregational worship have been written recently, like Not in Me and Man of Sorrows. More people are trying to write songs that are theologically driven, gospel aware, fresh, and singable.

» Not In Me Featured in Worship Leader Magazine

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We were honored to find that Worship Leader Magazine published a review for The Gospel Coalition's Songs for the Book of Luke project in which they mentioned our song Not In Me in particular.
"Not in Me" is a definite standout track and ready for you to bring into your service of worship. Solid biblical faithfulness creates solid sung theology.
You can check out their review here.

» David Moves to Nashville

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I'm happy to share with Thousand Tongues followers that I (David) moved down to the Nashville area in June 2013 to allow me to focus on one of the aspects of my calling that God has made abundantly clear - songwriting. There is a very long story behind how I discerned that the Lord was stirring me, my family, and my local church, to prepare us all for the transition, but that story doesn't belong on a public news page.

Songwriting is a funny thing in that it's hard to quantify the various components into what might look like a "normal" job. I know that I am called to write songs primarily for the church, and to do what I can to get those songs (and others like them) INTO the church. That's how Nashville fits in; over the past couple of years I have had a chance to visit here several times, and know a few songwriters here already. There are myriads of artists (who could perform/release Thousand Tongues songs), publishers, arrangers, producers, engineers, studio musicians, etc. - a centralized location for songwriting and a hub of songwriting energy. What's more, I've... (continue reading...)

» Talk of God

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In May 2013, The Fuller Seminary Brehm Center for Worship hosted a conference titled "Talk of God, Talk of Science." Before the conference began, the Fred Bock Institute of Music sponsored a contest to find a new congregational song that captured the intersection of God and science. In the providence of God, David took a trip a few months before the contest was created to Canada to explore the Canadian Rockies and wrestled almost the entire trip with science, faith, and their intersection in his own family history. One product of that wrestling was the song The Majesty, which David submitted to the contest. To our surprise, we were one of two winners, and are honored that the Brehm Center would consider our song for their conference.

In contrast to the emphasis many conservative evangelicals place on certainty when studying ancient history, the song emphasizes mystery and awe. Rather than state conclusions, the song simply states observations about this world that remind us of how little we know of the mind of God in creating this world.

» 2012 COS New Psalm Contest

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We are honored to announce that David L. Ward has won the 2012 Church of the Servant New Psalm contest. This contest was sponsored by Church of the Servant CRC in Grand Rapids, MI. David will be with COS on January 27th, 2013 to debut his hymn "God of the Ages." Here is the contest press release:

David L. Ward wins the 2012 COS New Psalm Contest!
Church of the Servant is pleased to announce that David L. Ward’s setting of Psalm 90, "God of the Ages," has won the 2012 COS New Psalm Contest.

Our judges received 78 submissions this year, and there were many we would have been proud to present as the winner. But even among such strong possibilities, David Ward’s song rose to the top. The melody is exquisitely crafted, with the lines rising, falling and stretching toward their peak on the text “and mountains rose up.” The pacing is perfect—never rushed and never losing energy. The lyrics preach the Psalm text through New Testament eyes using fresh imagery that feels timeless. An added bonus for our church is that the song’s music style straddles the contemporary and traditional in... (continue reading...)

» New Album Announcement

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If you follow Reformed Praise you've undoubtedly noticed that our website has been pretty quiet for the past few months. That's for several reasons, including the fact that Eric and I are continuing work on our Hymns Book Project. We were unable to secure a co-author so have begun the process of writing the content ourselves. It will feature devotional chapters, textual commentary, sheet music and sing-along recordings, so there's quite a bit of work to be done. If you follow our work please pray that we'll be able to find a publisher to give it a wide distribution.

The Album
Despite the calm on our Internet front, plans have been brewing behind the scenes for our first "Reformed Praise" branded album. Back in 2005 the Lord allowed me to complete my first major album, Cross-Centered Worship. In contrast to the simple demo recordings you'll find attached to each song on our site, an album features fully arranged, produced, mixed, edited, and post-produced content, all packaged together into a collection of songs presented as a unit. There's a lot of work that goes into making a high quality recording, which increases... (continue reading...)

» New Website Up and Running

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Welcome to the new Reformed Praise website! We are excited about the new look and functionality of our new Internet home. Some of the most notable changes are:
Addition of The Tinder Box and The Workshop, places where songwriters can post their songs for the churchNew donation-based ordering. Everything on the site can be downloaded or ordered for freeNew contact page that lets you contact individual contributors directlyPop-up MP3 player that lets you build a playlist of your favorite songsA better search feature which searches everything in the posts, including song credits like original authorAny many more... just check out the site!

Here are a couple of images that you can use to share our new site with others:

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