Thousand Tongues was first established as a website to share updated hymns – traditional hymn texts with new tunes – with the church at large. Songwriting has continued to form the backbone of our efforts to accomplish the mission of cultivating worship, and for good reason. Songs are important to us because they are important to God. In Colossians 3:16 the Lord commands the church to sing and tells us that singing is a means of allowing His Word to dwell in us richly. Singing also teaches and admonishes as the lyrics powerfully deliver truth to our hearts. Worship songs often have more power to capture our minds and hearts than sermons do. It has been said "show me your songs and I'll show you your theology," and "you are what you sing."

We take the charge to sing God's truth seriously and strive to follow the example of generations that have gone before us in writing and sharing songs that are full of gospel truth, balanced in theological topics, accessible and singable by muilt-generational and multi-cultural congregations. Of course, not all congregations will have the same musical tastes and abilities – that's why you'll find such stylistic variety in our songs. But while music's appeal changes with the times, God's truth "abideth still." We hope that you'll see the thread of God's grace shown to us in Jesus running through the tapestry of our song catalog. Take a look at our songs page to learn more about the different kinds of songs we write and to look and listen to individual songs.

Writing & Publishing

We are convinced that the church is in great need of teaching and discernment surrounding the use of music and songs in worship. At the risk of oversimplification, the evangelical church of the twenty first century strays into one of two ditches concerning worship: either it is full of deep and rich biblical content and boring, or it is moving yet vague and shallow. Our values for worship show our commitment to worship that is theologically deep, biblical, and gospel-centered, yet at the same time stirring. To help spread this vision and encourage other songwriters and leaders to pursue truth and beauty, we write articles, books, and other publications and make the content available here on our website.

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