Copyright Policy

Thousand Tongues exists to see worship in the church of Jesus Christ transformed into vibrant, rich, and life changing encounters with God. We publish a variety of resources to help us accomplish this vision, including articles, books, songbooks or hymnals, songs and song resources, and professionally produced recordings. We are a non-profit entity that makes all of our resources available by suggested donation. This policy has been written to help you understand how we intend our resources to be used and what permissions we allow.


If a song contains "" or "Thousand Tongues" in the copyright information, it falls under this policy.
  • Non-Commercial Usage: Our songs and song resources such as sheet music and learner recordings may be used non-commercially freely, for the glory of God
  • Commercial Usage: If you desire to create a derivative work that will be sold, such as a musical recording or sheet music composition, we ask that you complete the proper license request. Our fees follow industry standards, and are still presented as a suggested donation, meaning that if you are unable to afford the industry standard licensing fees, we still allow you to create your works.
  • Modification of Songs:
    • We do allow modifying the chords, order, and arrangement details (intros, outros, etc.). This includes creating your own sheet music and putting parts of our songs into medleys.
    • We do not allow modifying the melody without contacting us for permission
    • We do not allow modifying the lyrics without contacting us for permission

Professionally Produced Recordings

Our professionally produced recordings fall under a slightly different category than the songs themselves. Because of the high cost of creating these recordings and the desire to distribute them in commercial channels, we ask that you do not give away our albums or make copies for others. Our recordings are available by suggested donation at our website.

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