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I'm happy to share with Thousand Tongues followers that I (David) moved down to the Nashville area in June 2013 to allow me to focus on one of the aspects of my calling that God has made abundantly clear - songwriting. There is a very long story behind how I discerned that the Lord was stirring me, my family, and my local church, to prepare us all for the transition, but that story doesn't belong on a public news page.

Songwriting is a funny thing in that it's hard to quantify the various components into what might look like a "normal" job. I know that I am called to write songs primarily for the church, and to do what I can to get those songs (and others like them) INTO the church. That's how Nashville fits in; over the past couple of years I have had a chance to visit here several times, and know a few songwriters here already. There are myriads of artists (who could perform/release Thousand Tongues songs), publishers, arrangers, producers, engineers, studio musicians, etc. - a centralized location for songwriting and a hub of songwriting energy. What's more, I've heard people call this town the "buckle" of the Bible belt, and there are many, many churches around, the perfect place to learn, hands-on rather than in journals, what the wider church is like and how to approach getting worship songs in use in the landscape of denominations that litter our church culture.

Would you pray for Thousand Tongues, and for me in particular - that God would fill us with faith in what He is doing when it seems cloudy or slow, and when we feel weary, lonely, and tired from the journey to establish ourselves in a new area? And if you're anywhere near Nashville and you are a supporter of Thousand Tongues, I'd love to connect with you; please contact me through the website.

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