Do Not Fear

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Do Not Fear by Thousand Tongues, Released October 2013


1. You Are My Righteousness - An acoustic pop arrangement full of the joy of basking in the righteousness of Jesus.
2. My Precious Savior Gave His All - This 12-string guitar driven arrangement with some sparse pedal steel accents serves the lyrics well.
3. Do Not Fear - An electric guitar driven rock arrangement that could easily be the most powerful track on the album.
4. He Alone Is God - This up-tempo song is served up with an acoustic guitar and mandolin duet.
5. I Have a Dad - A solo piano/vocal presentation of this beautiful hymn.
6. Rain - A toe-tapping Americana setting of this song about the Holy Spirit that is sure to engage the body as well as the heart.
7. I'll Never Forsake You - An acoustic rock arrangement of our popular song
8. Come Down - In stark contrast to Ralph Vaugn Williams' traditional choral setting, this song puts a blues twist on the historic text "Come Down, O Love Divine"
9. Uncondemned - A strong acoustic guitar driven presentation of this conversion story song.
10. Wave Upon Wave - Another acoustic guitar and mandolin duet from David and Jake.
11. When Sorrow Comes - A haunting ballad about the sovereignty of God and suffering.
12. Where Is Room - This celtic melody is presented by two acoustic guitars and piano.
13. Complete in Thee - A stand-out track for its' laid back feel (almost like you caught a back-porch session) which attempts to capture the freedom of the lyrics in a bluegrassy setting.
14. For the Sake of His Name - This song is served up with just acoustic guitar and a couple of vocals, but manages to communicate the passion and grandeur of the lyrics despite its' sparse line-up.

Matthew 14:22-27 records the story of Jesus walking on the water. His disciples were in a boat, fighting a fierce storm in the dark of night, when Jesus appeared. When the disciples saw Him they were terrified, for they thought that He was a ghost. Jesus reassured them, saying, "Take heart; it is I. Do not be afraid." Telling them who He was should have been enough to calm their anxious fears, but the disciples were scared not only of a ghost, but also by the storm. When Jesus invited Peter to come out to Him, walking on the water, Peter stumbled in fear because of the wind.

So it is with the Christian life. In times of trial, believers are reassured by these same words of Jesus to remember who He is and the power He wields. But when He calls us from cowering in the boat to face the storms of life head-on we quickly doubt and despair. Our great assurance as we walk out onto the stormy sea is that what holds us up is not the strength of our grip on Jesus' hand, but His grip on ours. While we may doubt, He never ceases to be faithful and powerful, rescuing His children from danger and reminding them of His constant and mysterious love.

This collection of worship songs features the recurring imagery of waves – waves of doubt and grief yet also grace. As you listen and hopefully sing these with your congregation, our prayer is that you would come to trust and love Jesus more deeply, with more and more of your life, including the most guarded and wounded pieces of your story. You will find the Lord to be a powerful guardian, gentle physician, and Father who loves you so much that He can barely contain Himself. And if you haven't met Him for the first time, we hope that your heart will be captured by the grace of God presented in these songs.


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