Featured/Favorite Songs
» Not In Me
  (Modern Hymns)
What would it sound like for the Pharisee in Luke 18 9-14 to repent? His... (continue reading...)

» Where Is Room
  (Modern Hymns)
This is a song about how the gospel rescues us from various kinds of struggle... (continue reading...)

» Whate'er My God Ordains Is Right
  (Updated Hymns)
A friend of mine sent me this text, saying her church had just sung this... (continue reading...)

» I'll Never Forsake You
  (Modern Hymns)
This is an original song based loosely on a hymn titled "O Zion, Afflicted" by... (continue reading...)

» There Is No Sin That I Have Done
  (Modern Hymns)
A Christian is one who has been set free from the power and penalty of... (continue reading...)

» O God the Holy Spirit
  (Modern Hymns)
The person and work of the Holy Spirit is often minimized or misunderstood in many... (continue reading...)

» Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken
  (Updated Hymns)
This text is very heaven-focused. Not from the standpoint that it attempts a description... (continue reading...)

» By Grace Alone
  (Updated Hymns)
One of the most precious songs to the Reformed Praise writers, this hymn, based on... (continue reading...)

» Jesus, I Am Yours Forever
  (Modern Hymns)
This hymn is based on the seven "I am" statements of Jesus in the book... (continue reading...)

» You Are Worthy
  (Modern Hymns)
This song reminds us that when we draw near to God in worship it is... (continue reading...)

» The Priesthood of All Believers
  (September 6th)
A sermon preached at Trinity Baptist Church in celebration of the 500th anniversary of... (continue reading...)

» Hymns for the Weary Now Available on iTunes
  (August 28th)
Our new album, Hymns for the Weary, is now available in the iTunes... (continue reading...)

» Nepali Worship Missions Trip - Support Needed
  (July 7th)
Friends of Thousand Tongues, I (David) have an exciting missions and ministry opportunity to share... (continue reading...)

» Songs for the Book of Luke Wins #1 Indie Worship Album
  (November 19th)
We're happy to share that Songs for the Book of Luke, the project which... (continue reading...)

» Thanksgiving Hymn
  (November 8th)
I'd like to call your attention once again to a hymn text that we wrote... (continue reading...)

» Live Music at the Carpe Cafe in Nashville
  (October 22nd)
David will be playing at the Carpe Cafe in Smyrna, TN on Saturday Nov... (continue reading...)

» Do Not Fear Now Available on iTunes
  (October 17th)
Our new album, Do Not Fear, is now available in the iTunes music... (continue reading...)

» Our New Album Do Not Fear
  (October 7th)
We're excited to announce that our new album Do Not Fear is finally (continue reading...)

» Not in Me Additional Press
  (September 5th)
We're happy to share that Not in Me is getting a fair amount of... (continue reading...)

» Not In Me Featured in Worship Leader Magazine
  (August 21st)
We were honored to find that Worship Leader Magazine published a review for... (continue reading...)

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