Let the Children Come to Jesus

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This past year, we have been reading and hearing the stories of numerous people who were abused or suffered other scary things as children. We've tried to imagine what it must be like to be a child whose whole world seems to be a frightening place, a world in which friends are few and adults are not safe. We want those children to know that Jesus is a safe friend. We want them to have the light of that truth tucked away in their heart and mind when the world turns dark.

So, we set out to write a simple song for children to remember in a variety of scary situations—friendlessness, shame, abuse, disobedience, loneliness, abandonment, etc. The song may be sung congregationally or by a children's choir. Or, as suggested in the sheet music, a congregation or parents may sing the verses, with young children replying with the refrain.


Verse 1:
Let the children come to Jesus,
Let us teach them to believe;
Jesus loves the little children,
He's a friend that never leaves.

I will run to Jesus,
My safe and faithful friend;
Jesus always loves me,
He loves me to the end.

Verse 2:
Let the children come to Jesus,
Without fear of shame or harm;
Jesus loves the little children,
Let them run into His arms.

Verse 3:
Let the children come to Jesus
Even when they disobey;
Jesus loves the little children
And He takes our sin away.

Verse 4:
Let the children come to Jesus
Whether scared or left alone;
Jesus loves the little children,
He will bring us to His home.

By Eric M. Schumacher & David L. Ward
©2019 Hymnicity


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