Trustingly, Trustingly

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This text, written by Horatius Bonar in the 19th century, is a simple prayer by a humble person. It shows clearly that the writer understands his relationship with his Maker and Savior, and that he walks daily with him, praying for help as he goes. This is the kind of text I want to have repeating in my head as I go about my everyday life, so I hope that this new melody serves to keep these words running through the minds of those who sing it.

On a side note, I decided to use the rough, messed-up-the-lyrics recording of this tune as opposed to the more polished guitar/vocal I did because it captures the heart of the song much better. Please forgive the stumbles.


Trustingly, trustingly,
Jesus, to Thee
Come I: Lord, lovingly
Come Thou to me!
Then shall I lovingly,
Then shall I?joyfully,
Walk here with Thee,
Walk here with Thee.

Peacefully, peacefully,
Walk I with thee;
Jesus, my Lord, Thou art
All, all to me.
Peace Thou hast left us,
Thy peace hast given us;
So let it be,
So let it be.

Whom but Thyself, O Lord!
Have I above?
What have I left on earth?
Only Thy love!
Come then, O Saviour! come:
Come then, O Spirit! come
Heavenly Dove,
Heavenly Dove.

Joyfully, joyfully,
Pass I along,
Eager to work for Thee,
Earnest and strong.
Life is for service true,
Life is for battle too;
Life is for song,
Life is for song.

Hopefully, hopefully,
Onward I go,
Cheerfully, cheerfully
Meet I the foe.
Crowns are awaiting us,
Glory prepared for us;
Joys overflow,
Joys overflow.

Words by Horatius Bonar (1808-89). Music by Jeff Bourque.
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