The Everlasting Lord

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This is a song that could be a new Christmas favorite. Charles Wesley is famous for many beloved songs about Jesus' birth, and this song shows his skill at describing the theological significance of the incarnation. After singing the facts of Jesus' birth in the verses, we can respond along with Charles to simply proclaim "Hail! the everlasting Lord ... Friend of sinners - and of me!"


Now in praise let us arise, sing the Savior's sacrifice,
All the names that love could find, Jesus in Himself has joined,
All the forms that love could take,
Our lost souls His own to make.

Chorus 1:
Hail! the everlasting Lord, Hail! divine, incarnate Word;
You let all our strength confess, with angelic choirs to bless,
You our every breath proclaim, our beloved Savior's name.

Equal He with God most high, mild, He laid His glory by;
He, eternal God, was born, object of His creatures' scorn;
Man with men did He appear, pleased a servant's form to wear.

Chorus 2:
Hail! our Redeemer-King! All Your wondrous love we sing,
Never shall Your triumphs end, Jesus, Lord, the sinner's friend!
Hail! derided majesty! Friend of sinners - and of me!

Thus He left His throne above moved by everlasting love;
Whom the heavens could not contain, Lord of Glory, Son of Man,
Came to earth, God's grace appeared, by His own rejected here.

Words by Charles Wesley (1707-88). Music by David L. Ward.
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