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God's holy word, the Bible, is central to biblical worship. We can view one function of our times of singing in corporate worship as preparation to receive the proclaimed word of God. Since our chief joy is in God, and we experience that joy through our knowledge of Him, our hearts are genuinely warmed to the things of God as we sing His truth - not merely sentimental worship phrases. This song describes the place that God's word should have in our worship - that by it we would experience His presence, grown in our faith, be fed with heavenly food, and be guided in the righteous way. As we sing this song we also pray that God would help us to pay careful attention to His Word and that he would open our hearts to receive it. May our times of worship continue to be more Word-centered, Christ-centerd, and God-centered!


Your presence, gracious God, bestow,
Prepare us to receive Your Word:
Now let your voice engage our ear,
And faith be mixed with what we hear.

Distracting thoughts and cares remove,
And fix our minds and hopes above;
With food divine may we be fed,
And satisfied with living bread.

Open our hearts, O Lord, and bless,
And crown Your Gospel with success.
Open our minds, that we may see,
The riches of our life in Thee.

To us the sacred Word apply,
With sovereign power and energy;
So may we, moved in faith and fear,
Take to our hearts the things we hear.

Father, to us, Your Son reveal,
Teach us to know and do Your will,
Your saving power and love display,
And guide us in the righteous way.

Words by John Fawcett (1739-1817) and David Ward. Music by David L. Ward.
©1999, Admin by Thousand Tongues


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