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A wonderful song expressing our love for God's word, the Bible. Like only Charles Wesley can do, he delivers such personal, passionate expressions of what the Bible means for believers. It is our prayer that churches would begin to give God's holy Word the place it demands in our worship as expressed in songs like this. We can identify with Charles' cries that God would remove the folly of our darkened heart. Though as believers our hearts have been ultimately set free, we continue to bring them into temporary bondage as we sin. It is this hardness of our hearts that causes us to often disobey God's command to be both a hearer and a doer of the Word (James 1:22).


Come, Savior Christ, our only Lord,
You great Interpreter divine,
Explain Your own transmitted Word,
To teach and to inspire is Thine:
You only can Yourself reveal,
Open your book and loose its seal.

Whatever the ancient prophets spoke
Concerning You, O Christ, make known;
Chief subject of the sacred book,
You did fulfill, and You alone:
Yet there our Lord we cannot see
Unless Your Spirit give the key.

Now, Jesus, now the veil remove -
The folly of our darkened heart;
Unfold the wonders of Your love,
The knowledge of Yourself impart:
Our ears - our inmost souls we bow,
Speak, Lord, to us Your servants now.

While now the text divine we read,
With earnest prayer and strong desire,
O may a work in us proceed
Our souls to quicken and inspire;
Our dullness help, our blindness chase,
And guide us by the light of grace.

Words by Charles Wesley (1707-88). Music by David L. Ward.
©1999, Admin by Thousand Tongues


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