Call Me Away

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All believers should be able to identify with the heart cry of this song. Have you ever felt like your mind was spinning amidst a thousand thoughts? When you retire to your prayer closet do you find it hard to suppress the onslaught of worries that constantly barrage your mind? The long list of to dos and responsibilities you have each day? Take heart believer, that the Lord is able to conquer even your craziness and replace it with a peace that surpasses comprehension (Philippians 4:7) . God has the power to draw us away from ourselves to Himself with one sovereign word. That is the essence of true worship - turning away from our preoccupation with self.


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Father, oh please don't let me be
Focused alone on things I see;
Amidst a thousand thoughts I spin,
Forgetting my true love again.

So call me away, call me away from all my cares,
One sovereign word, one sovereign word will draw me there,
Call me away, call me away to Yourself.

Why should my passions mix with earth,
And thus debase my heavenly birth?
Why should I cleave to things below,
And let my God, my Savior go?

Let earth with all her noise depart
And drive these worries from my heart.
In secret silence of the mind
True peace and boundless joy I'll find.

By Isaac Watts (1674-1748) & David L. Ward
© 2005, admin by Thousand Tongues


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an inportant and overlooket subject and text and a perfectly serviceable tune. If only there were a lead sheet.
» Steve Lawton on June 28th, 2006

Thank you for all the herd work you put into for making good songs that we can worship our God with!
» Heather Gray on May 20th, 2007
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