Your Mercy and Your Truth

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This song is based on Psalm 36, as originally found in the Psalter of 1912, still in use by many Presbyterian and Reformed churches. The text captures the beauty of this Psalm, and it has been modernized and extended (the second half of the last stanza is new) and set to a new tune. May the words of Scripture be a great encouragement and light as you listen and meditate on their everlasting and life-giving beauty.


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Your Mercy and Your truth, O Lord,
Transcend the lofty sky;
Your judgments are a mighty deep,
Like mountains soaring high.
You care for every man and beast,
While ruling as their King
And offer them a refuge in
The shadow of Your wings,
The shadow of Your wings.

Your dwelling place is richly filled
With food that satisfies
For there Your river of delights
Each need and want supplies.
The fountain of eternal life
Is only found in You
And in the brightness of Your light
True light comes into view,
True light comes into view.

Lord, never cease to show Your love
To those who trust in You
And let Your righteousness endure
To all who love Your truth.
So keep our eyes fixed on the cross
Where love and justice met;
The mystery of Your boundless grace
Oh let us not forget,
Oh let us not forget.

Words from The Psalter 1912 (Psalm 36), edited and augmented by David Ward
Music by David L. Ward
© 2013, admin by Thousand Tongues


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