Hope in the House of the Lord

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This is a song for all of those who have been hurt by the church before (which if we're honest is everyone who has ever been a part of a church!). The church will never be perfect yet is held together by one who is - the Lord himself who will never leave or forsake all who come to him in faith through Jesus. He is the one who perfectly accepts and loves the church and shares glimpses of that love and acceptance through imperfect people. If you are holding back from participating in the church like the Lord desires, be encouarged to lay down your fears because you're loved and adored; you have a place in the house of the Lord.


Verse 1:
Come out of the shadows,
There's nothing to fear.
I know you've been hurt and rejected before
But you're welcome here.

Verse 2:
Come, judged and abandoned
For you're wanted here.
We're all just a mess yet accepted by grace-
There's none righteous here.

There's peace and acceptance, pardon and rest,
There's hope in the house of the Lord.
There's love and redemption, healing and joy,
There's hope in the house of the Lord,
Hope in the house of the Lord.

Verse 3:
Once seated in splendor,
He tasted our fear;
Betrayed and abandoned, he died in our place-
There's righteousness here.

So lay down your fears, you're loved and adored.
You have a place in the house of the Lord.

By Chris Olson & David L. Ward
© 2015 Hymnicity


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