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When the church gathers for worship and a preacher opens the Bible, God's very word, what should we be hoping will happen? We want to meet with the living God, the God of the living Word, in such a way that we see and celebrate Jesus, and leave with his unmistakable imprint upon our lives. The reason the Lord gave us His Word was to know, trust, and grow in our relationship with Him who every page points to - the great Redeemer. This song is a prayer meant to be sung before the sermon in public or gathered worship. In it we ask God to grant us submissiveness to the Bible, soft hearts and readily acknowledge and own our sin, and the desire to leave our encounter joyful and refreshed. We also ask for the Spirit's help, for without his work, the Bible would be just another book. And most importantly, we ask that God would show us Jesus - in every sermon - in every book of the Bible - that we would have "faith on Christ to look."


Verse 1:
Grant to us, O gracious Lord,
True submission to Your Word:
As Your servant stands to preach
Give Him words our hearts to reach.

Verse 2:
Looking on Your blessed Son,
Cause our hearts o'er sin to mourn;
Looking still on Christ the Lamb,
Stir our souls to praise His name.

In Your Word, gracious Lord, bring us light;
Speak to us glorious things of Christ.
As we now unfold Your Book
Give us faith on Christ to look,
As we now unfold Your Book
Give us faith on Christ to look.

Verse 3:
When the message is declared,
And we've in Your worship shared,
Let us from this place depart
Joyful and refreshed in heart.

Send Your Spirit now in pow'r
And awake the dead this hour.

By Don Fortner & David L. Ward
©2012, admin by Thousand Tongues


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