When Filled with Zeal Paul

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A Hymn celebrating the conversion, life and ministry, and doctrine of St. Paul the apostle.


When, filled with zeal, Paul sought the church
Amidst their cries and moans,
The Lord appeared in blinding light
To call him as His own.
This Jew of Jews, this Pharisee,
With earthly piousness,
Surrendered all, to gain by faith,
The Savior's righteousness.

He taught us of the Savior's worth-
Creator of all things,
The image of the Lord Himself,
The mighty King of kings,
The great Redeemer, born a man
To free us from the curse;
To suffer, die, and rise again
Our darkness to disperse.

A saint by calling, not by works,
He knew his fallen state-
How all in Adam bear the scars
Of malice, pride, and hate.
But Christ, the second Adam came
To justify the lost
And offer His obedience
To pay salvation's cost.

He marveled at the Lord's decrees,
His loving, sovereign grace,
Which destines, calls, and justifies
Unto His glorious praise.
But mark the sacred mystery-
That we must still believe;
Yes, all who call upon His name
Salvation shall receive.

He ran the race and kept the faith
Beset with thorns and pain
And fought his flesh until the end,
When death in Christ was gain.
Now, as the church, we go in love,
The gospel to proclaim;
Like Paul we are ambassadors
Of Jesus' matchless name.

© 2015 ThousandTongues.org, admin Thousand Tongues
Text by David L. Ward
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