When Adam by Transgression Fell

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This is one of the few good hymn texts that deals with the doctrine of original sin - how sin entered into humanity and continues to spread to all men through our representative, Adam. The wonderful promise of Scripture that is echoed in this hymn is that, although mankind has been plunged into "conspiracy with hell" the second Adam has come to free us from the power of sin by His blood.

The text has been significantly altered to fit the tune of the spiritual "Go Down, Moses." Using this format, you can present the song with a soloist and the congregation in response (one the tune for "let my people go"). It was originally set in this format for a Christmas Eve service of "lessons and carols" in response to a reading from Genesis chapter 3, but could be used any time of the year to recognize our bondage to sin but freedom in Christ.


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Solo: When Adam by transgression fell,
All: Fled His Maker's face,
Solo: Linked in conspiracy with hell,
All: Ruined all his race:
Solo: Doors were opened, evil was welcomed in;
Then it increased and filled the world with sin.

Solo: But lo! the Second Adam's here,
All: Satan's head to bruise;
Solo: The serpent cowers back in fear,
All: All his plans confused.
Solo: Jesus ransoms he who was Satan's child;
By His blood He forgives and reconciles.

Solo: This faithful saying let us own,
All: Worthy to believe,
Solo: That Christ into the world came down,
All: Ruined man to save.
Solo: How He loves us! See how He bore our pain;
Worship Jesus, the Lamb who once was slain.

Text by Joseph Hart (1712-68) & David L. Ward, © 2007 ThousandTongues.org
Tune: Go Down, Moses - Trad. Spiritual


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[...] song When Adam By Transgression Fell was written to accompany a Scripture reading from Genesis 3 about the fall of man into sin. The [...]
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