We Gather as Your Church (Covenant Hymn)

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This is a hymn text set to the tune of "This Is My Father's World" which summarizes a church membership covenant. The hymn allows members or a local church to affirm or re-affirm their commitment to obeying the one-another commands of Scripture and is a beautiful picture of the unity and harmony that we strive for as members of a particular local church.


We gather as Your church, redeemed by sov'reign grace,
A people baptized in Your name, united now in faith.
We joyfully commit, as members of Your bride,
To live and serve in harmony and lift the gospel high.

We need the Spirit's help to live what we proclaim
So come and fill us with Your pow'r for only Jesus' fame.
We pledge to walk with God, to strive for purity,
To make disciples near and far, to cherish unity.

As God has gifted us, we serve each other's needs
And give our money, time, and strength, each one in ministry.
We joyfully submit to those who shepherd us
As fellow servants of our King and slaves of righteousness.

We shall not run away in sin or bitterness;
If God should move us, we shall find a church who loves your grace.
Both now and evermore may Christ be glorified
As we, his body, are transformed into His spotless bride.

© 2015 ThousandTongues.org, admin Thousand Tongues
Text by David L. Ward
Tune: TERRA BEATA (This Is My Father's World), Franklin L. Sheppard (1852-1930)


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