The Mystery of Christmas

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A Christmas hymn designed to contract Jesus' role as the sovereign creator of the universe with his entry into our world as a humble bond-servant (slave).


Verse 1:
You are the messiah whose birth was foretold,
The long-waited savior, the promised of old.
Though you are the sovereign you came as a slave,
In love you surrendered to kings and the grave.

Verse 2:
A heavenly anthem proclaimed your great worth
Announcing the promise of peace on the earth.
You came to the temple, to Simeon revealed
Your perfect salvation, the light of the world.

Verse 3:
You came to a world filled with sadness and pain
To bring tender mercy and cover our shame.
Though we deserve justice, our sentence you bore
And call us to care for the weak and the poor.

Verse 4:
So let us pay tribute to Jesus the king-
Incarnate his mercy, his salvation sing
And welcome the world to behold His great plan-
The myst'ry of Christmas, our God become man.

Lyrics by David L. Ward, tune CRADLE SONG, an alternate tune for "Away in a Manger"
© 2013, admin by Thousand Tongues


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