Salvation's Song

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A hymn on the role of congregational singing in faith formation.


A glorious melody summoned design;
With heavenly harmony, shaped space and time;
Then rhythms transcendent knit life in the womb,
And songs of ascension arose from the tomb.

The word of the Spirit sang out in the night
And led us to Jesus whose lyrics are life,
Then called us together and gave us a song;
Now to this great choir - the Church - we belong.

We sing of the Father, the Spirit, the Son,
Reciting the glory of God Three-in-one.
We sing to each other to strengthen and cheer
And eagerly wait for the Lord to draw near.

We sing of redemption, the song we have heard,
Till nations are gathered to worship the Lord.
Come, join us and sing to the Lamb who was slain
And savor sweet rest from your toil and your pain.

Transformed by His presence, prepared like a bride,
We long for the gath'ring of saints by His side.
By faith we are joined with this heavenly choir
To sing of our Savior, our one great desire.

© 2016, admin Thousand Tongues
Text by David L. Ward
Tune: ST. DENIO (Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise), Welsh hymn melody (1839)


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