My Heart Has Found Its Rest in Christ

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In seminary, I read John Piper's biographical address on St. Augustine. Afterward, my mind was filled with several wonderful quotes from Augustine's Confessions and other writings. I simply had to sing these wonderful thoughts. So, I set to task of putting them into hymn form.

The chorus of this hymn echoes what is most possibly Augustine's most famous line: "You made us for yourself, and our hearts find no peace till they rest in you."

The compensate for the length of this hymn (six stanzas), I recommend singing two stanzas together and then the chorus, as published below. (However, I could not find a midi file with SOLID ROCK so arranged.) The one who can't get enough of singing of his rest in Christ is quite welcome, of course, to sing it as six stanzas!

Thanks to West Breedlove for the lead sheet.


Before my restless heart was found,
To worldly treasures it was bound.
The will that seemed so free within
Availed me nothing but to sin.

The Word of God did set me free,
When I took up his book to read:
“Now arm yourself with Jesus Christ;
Be free from nature’s appetite.”

My heart has found its rest in Christ,
My God, My Life, My One Delight!

Obedience to his command
Came by the power of his hand.
What was the grace that he employed?
Compelling and triumphant joy!

How sweet it was at once for me
To from my fruitless joys be free.
The pleasures I once hoped would stay,
The Sovereign Joy did drive away!

All that he gives me by his grace
Will cause me more to seek his face.
No gift he gives will my love take,
Except to love it for his sake.

Until he calls me to my home,
Or comes again to claim his own,
With zealous tongue I will proclaim
That joy is found in Jesus’ name!

Text by Eric Schumacher, © 2002
Tune: SOLID ROCK by William Bradbury (1816-68)


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I read the song first, and was just about to ask if Augustine inspired these lines of worship and praise for our "Sovereign Joy"...then I read the introduction above the song and see that indeed he did!

Thank you for this wonderful song! And praise God for being such a delightful and sovereign joy!
» Zach Doty on August 25th, 2009


We'll begin singing it immediately.

Thank you!
» West Breedlove on August 25th, 2009

Wonderful! We will sing it in church this coming sunday.

Thank you! Thank you!
» arlan aquino on September 6th, 2009
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