I Love You, Christ, My Crucified

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This is one of the earliest hymns that I wrote. I believe the occasion was Good Friday, meditating on "the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me."


For the redeeming agony
You suffered there on Calvary,
For blood You shed and tears You cried,
I love You, Christ, my crucified!

O for Your bruised and bludgeoned frame
That bore my every sin and shame,
Which You for me did take and die,
I love You, Christ, my crucified!

Yes, for the faithful love You showed,
Which with abundant grace once flowed
Out of Your opened hands and side,
I love You, Christ, my crucified!

That You, my King, would suffer scorn
Beneath a crown of twisted thorn,
Then in this rebel’s grave go lie,
I love You, Christ, my crucified!

And hearing how You left the grave
Alive and ever strong to save,
And then ascended as the sun,
I love You, Christ, my risen one!

O when I see you, risen King,
I’ll do none else but fall to sing
And with my all let this strain rise:
I love You, Christ, my glorified!

By Eric Schumacher
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