How Can I Sing that Majesty

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This is a wonderful hymn text by John Mason contrasting heavenly worship with earthly worship. We humbly offer the lyrics with edits to make them more understandable and suggest the tune "Ellacombe" which is commonly used with the hymn "I Sing the Mighty Power of God."


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How can I sing that majesty
Which angels now admire?
In dust and silence here I lie
While sings the heav’nly choir.
In splendor thousands stand around
Your throne, O God most high;
Ten thousand times ten thousand sound
Your praise; but who am I?

Your brightness unto them appears;
While at Your feet I’m placed;
A sound of God comes to my ears,
But they behold Your face.
They sing because You are their sun:
Lord, send a beam on me;
For where your grace has once begun
Your praise will ever be.

Enlighten with faith’s light my heart,
Inflame it with love’s fire;
Then I will sing and be a part
Of that celestial choir.
I shall, I fear, be dark and cold,
Depending on my pow’r,
But trusting in Your grace untold,
Ignite my heart this hour!

Text by John Mason (1646-94) & David L. Ward, © 2006
Tune: ELLACOMBE (I Sing the Mighty Power), Germany 1784


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