All Who Hunger

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A hymn for the Lord's Supper expressing the welcome, unity, and diversity of this special feast.


All who hunger, take your seat,
Come lay your burdens down;
Turn aside and join the feast
Where life and health abound.
All are welcome to partake
Of bread and choicest wine.
Fullness, rest, and joy await
In body, soul, and mind.

Young and old find grace and peace
Here at this ancient meal;
Strangers, orphans, enemies
In love and mercy kneel.
Known and yet accepted here
No matter age or race-
God has overcome our fear
By His uniting grace.

Jesus is the bread of life
Who gave himself for us,
Conquering our sin and strife
Upon the lonely cross.
Blood which flowed as crimson wine
Has cancelled enmity
So that all who come might dine
Forgiven, loved, and free.

Now by faith we join the feast
With Christ upon the throne
There the greatest serves the least
And counts them as his own.
All who have been satisfied
By riches from above-
Call the hungry, poor, despised,
To join this feast of love.

© 2016, admin Thousand Tongues
Text by David L. Ward
Tune: O JESUS CHRIST GROW THOU IN ME, Ada Rose Gibbs (1865-1905)


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