Our Team


» Jeff Bourque

Jeff believes that he was redeemed during a tornado warning in Kansas City, KS in 1983. However, he isn’t sure whether he believed God would save him from his sins or from the tornado. He’s still around, so God did both. He grew up in a more legalistic tradition, singing... (continue reading...)

» Craig Johnson

Craig is the Minister of Education and Music at Sycamore Hills Baptist Church in Independence, MO (suburb of Kansas City). His role encompasses many ministries of the church including: overseeing the Sunday school and discipleship groups, assisting and training teachers, planning and leading two corporate worship services, directing... (continue reading...)

» Eric Schumacher

Eric does not remember a distinct "moment of conversion" but does recall being profoundly confronted with the truth of the gospel at a Campus Crusade for Christ Christmas Conference his freshman year of college. During his college years, he was introduced to God-centered theology, expositional preaching, and developed a strong... (continue reading...)

» David L. Ward

David currently lives in Nashville and works as a software developer in order to allow him to invest in writing, teaching, and serving the church through Thousand Tongues. He served as the Director of Worship Ministries for Redeemer Bible Church in Minnetonka, MN (a suburb of Minneapolis) for... (continue reading...)


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