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Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life." (John 14:6) He is the only source of true and abiding life- both eternal life with God and a joyful and peaceful life now. This song reminds us not only of the overflowing offer of life given to all in the gospel, but of the ironic way that life was purchased - through the death of the life-giver. As the writer reminds us, forgiveness and peace with God (resulting in eternal life) is not gained by our efforts - our tears or prayers - but only by Jesus' atoning blood. Then what must a person do to receive the merits of His blood? The song answers with several verbs: believe, trust, and receive. Simply believe that Jesus' blood is the only payment that will suffice to cover the debt of your sin, and that Jesus' righteous life is the only life acceptable enough to allow you to stand before a holy God. This belief must move past agreement to actual trust. You must think and live in light of this truth, trusting that your acceptability before God is only based on Jesus' work, and you will experience what this song offers: life rich, eternal, and free!


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There is life for a look at the crucified One;
There is life rich, eternal, and free.
So look, sinner, look unto Him and be saved–
Unto Him who was nailed to the tree.
Oh it's not by your tears of repentance or prayers,
But His blood that atones for your soul:
On Him, then, who shed it, believing at once
Your weight of iniquities roll.

There is life in Jesus–
Life for all who thirst.
There is life in His precious blood
So in Jesus alone place your trust.

Have you seen all His anguish of soul on the cross?
And His cry of distress have you heard?
Then why, if the terrors of wrath He endured
Should your pardon be stopped or deferred?
We are healed by His stripes– would you add to the Word?
In the Lord is our righteousness made:
The best robe of heaven He bids you put on
And you could not be better arrayed.

Sinner, doubt not your welcome since God has declared
There remains no more work to be done.
He has promised to come at the end of the world
And to finish the work He's begun.
So receive with rejoicing, from Jesus at once
Of the life everlasting He gives
And know with assurance at judgment you'll stand
For the Savior, your righteousness lives.

Words by Amelia Mathilda Hull (1825-1882) & David L. Ward. Music by David L. Ward.
© 2009, admin by Thousand Tongues


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