You Never Cease to Give Us Christ

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As we gather for public worship with other believers, it's important to remind ourselves what worship is supposed to be all about. It would be easy to get the wrong impression about worship - that we come to get a spiritual high that should last us the week, that we come to get on God's good side by doing something religious, that we grovel before Him to prove that we're sorry for our sins, or that we simply come for things like friendships and good music. This song attempts to focus our attention on the fact that worship should be all about Jesus - about remembering and re-affirming our need for His work on our behalf to make us acceptable to God so that we are free to offer Him not our acts or our gifts, but ourselves, in humble response to His gifts to us of Christ. And when we ask Him for more of Jesus, as the chorus says, He never ceases to give us Christ.


Verse 1:
We come to You, Lord,
Weary from the fight,
We need your presence as our light.
We come for favor
For our peace is gone
And find assurance in
The work that Christ has done.

Verse 2:
We come to You, Lord,
Not for empty things
But look for Jesus, the King of kings.
We come with boldness
For You've promised us
To give the weary soul
Your perfect peace and rest.

We came in shame, You showed us grace,
We came with doubt, You gave us faith;
And though we come again
With nothing to present
Time and again
You never cease to give us Christ,
Time and again
You never cease to give us Christ.

Verse 3:
He came to You, Lord,
Torn and beaten down,
In death surrendered to the ground;
But then He rose up
In pow'r and majesty
And offers us His strength
To meet our ev'ry need.

Words & Music by David L. Ward
© 2013, admin by Thousand Tongues


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I guys, don't know why I've never found your site before but I love it. Thank your for your humble work. May grace and peace be multiplied to you.
» Pierre Frylink on December 27th, 2014
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