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This song is inspired by Psalm 44, which both acknowledges God's redemptive power but also struggle to still believe when afflicted. The memories of God's faithfulness to past generations fueled their faith-filled cry that God might not reject them forever. The Psalms give voice to not only our triumphant songs of confidence, but our weak lips of doubt and despair. While the Psalm ends with "Redeem us for the sake of your steadfast love!" the song turns its closing attention to our Redeemer, the one who has lived our songs of suffering and sadness, but also strength and triumph.


O God, we have heard
Of your almighty deeds –
With wonders and signs
You your people redeemed.
No, not by their sword
Did they conquer the land;
Deliverance came
By the strength of your hand.

O Israel’s God,
Still today you are king;
In you we shall stand,
Of your name we shall sing.
For not by our sword
Will the darkness be crushed -
We look to your son,
In his cross we shall trust.

"Hallelujah!" we still sing
In our sadness and suffering.
"Hallelujah!" we still sing
In our sadness and suffering.
We look to the one
Who has lived our song-
We cry to Jesus, Jesus.

But though you are king
It would seem you have left –
Disgraced and ashamed,
Surely you shall reject.
Now scattered and poor
And despised by the world,
Our enemies taunt,
“Surely God has not heard.”

We shall not turn back
Nor abandon our God
Though slaughtered as sheep
Or reproved by his rod.
Awake from your sleep,
Come with pow’r from above,
Redeem for the sake
Of your unfailing love!

By David L. Ward
© 2016 ThousandTongues.org, admin by Thousand Tongues


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