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This modern hymn was written for a sermon series in Acts, and is a prayer for strength to accomplish the mission for which God created the church - to spread the gospel of His grace to every tribe and tongue, giving testimony by word and deed of the mercy of God shown in giving His Son to rescue sinners for His glory. As we sing this song, we are triumphantly proclaiming God's rightful rule over us, His people, and expressing our dependency on His Spirit's work in our midst to empower us for His gospel mission. We're not called simply to preach the gospel, but to treasure it, to sing it. We're not called simply to share a statement, but the living Word of God, giving proof of its power to transform people through our own ransomed lives. And when we feel weak, unfit, or scared at the immensity of what God calls us to do and the dangers we face along the way, may he "strengthen hand and heart and nerve" that we might be "champions of Calvary!"


Verse 1:
Lord, we come before Your throne,
By Your blood we are Your own,
We will live for You alone.
By Your Spirit now appear,
Keep us faithful, keep us near.
Let the nations join and hear, and hear-

You are the mighty King
Whose glory shines in ransomed lives;
Your gospel we will ever sing.
The Great Commission stands
So help us strive, the faint revive;
Use us Your kingdom to expand.
Lord, we are Yours, we are Yours,
We are Yours.

Verse 2:
Jesus, Master, Whom we serve,
Strengthen hand and heart and nerve,
Our allegiance You deserve.
By Your Spirit we will be
Champions of Calvary
That the lost might turn and see, and see-

Words & Music by David L. Ward, based loosely on a hymn by Frances Havergal (1836-79)
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