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In the book of Exodus God Himself comes down to make a covenant with the nation of Israel. In an overwhelming display of His power - including thunder, lightning, and smoke - He descends on a mountain and speaks to Moses. Then a few verses later, God declares that He is jealous for the glory that is due to His name and will not stand for another to receive counterfeit glory. In today's era of electronic visual and musical effects, it is easy to forget that God put on the original smoke and light show. Instead of a sub-woofer array, God's very voice shook the heavesn and earth as thunder. It is easy to replace the power of God's Word with the power of a band - or for that matter - anything else. We so easily ascribe power, glory, and awe to just about anything else and need to be reminded that the source of true glory, of lasting power, and of real awe, is only God himself. May this song remind us of the folly of chasing fame and significance in anything else other than God and His word alone. May all of our attempts to worship Him rightly serve to magnify His name and ours or our tribe's.


Verse 1:
There is only one who has the claim
To rise and call attention to his name
There is only one who has the right
To thunder in the smoke and in the light.
Only one.

Verse 2:
There is only one who leads us now
To sing his praise and in His presence bow.
There is only one whose glory shines,
Above all other rivals see it rise.
Only one.

Lord, we lay our glory down,
Cast away our every crown
Ceaseless we proclaim,
"You deserve the fame,
There is only one great name."

Verse 3:
There is only one that we desire-
The holy one with blazing eyes of fire.
There is only one who takes the throne
And every knee will bow to him alone.
Only one.

We must decrease, You must increase
Let Your glory shine.

By David L. Ward
© 2015, admin by Thousand Tongues


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