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O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens. -- Psalm 8:1
God has created this world as a testament to His glory. The beauty, scale, power, and creativity we see in oceans, rivers, mountains, animals, fossils ... across every discipline of the sciences, all point to someone of greater beauty, power, and creativity who designed and fashioned all that we see. As Psalm 19:1 says, "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork." Though the fact that God created the heavens and the earth is clearly set forth in Scripture, the details of how He formed this world are not, even if we consider the opening chapters of Genesis to be more of a scientific description than a poetic narrative of the origins of the world. But we do not need to have figures and dates to observe the immensity of time and power that has gone into shaping the world as it is now. This song was born out of spending a lot of time observing this world and thinking deeply about faith and creation. It was also born out of a struggle to harmonize and reconcile various views of the nature of truth and the place that scientific rationalism should have in determining truth.

Through all of this scientific and epistemological wrestling, the song's chorus makes the truth of Psalm 19:1 clear: This world shows us something of the majesty, the glory of God, it's creator. And when we consider that the majesty of God, the originator, is far beyond this world's majesty, it should move us to praise.


Behold the wonders of this world
That take our breath away–
The snowcapped peaks by light unfurled
With ev'ry dawning day.
What strange, inspiring fossils lie
Deep in our ancient land
That point to wisdom, pow'r, and time
Beyond the reach of man.

The mysteries of particles,
Of light and energy,
Which now appear illogical,
Command humility.
Before the vast, unknown expanse
Of stars and galaxies,
We question our significance
And if our Maker sees.

Oh, the majesty,
Lord, Your majesty!
With the things of the earth
We will sing of Your worth,
Of Your majesty.

While mysteries below, above,
Can point to pow'r divine,
They cannot speak of God's great love
Or merciful designs.
The Scriptures give us certainty
Of God's redeeming plan–
That, clothed in frail humanity,
He ransomed fallen man.

The majesty and awe that live
In each created thing
Are only but derivative
Of Christ, their Maker–King.
On all who trust in God the Word
This privilege is placed–
To climb the mountain of the Lord
And marvel at His grace.

Words & Music by David L. Ward
© 2012, admin by Thousand Tongues


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