The Love of Calvary

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One of the most difficult attributes about God to understand and accept is His amazing love towards humanity. In a Christian culture that has been saturated with verses like John 3:16 ("for God so loved the world...") this may seem ridiculous; you may ask something like "what's so hard about believing God loves me - after all, I've heard it all my life!" When we consider the holy and righteous character of God juxtaposed against our unclean and rebellious character, His love shouldn't make sense. There's no reason why our heavenly Father should love creatures who He made to know and worship Him, yet worship anything but Him in their pride and rebellion. Yet He has proved the depths of this perplexing love in sending His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, to rescue us from our sins. In love, God sent Jesus to cleanse sinful people from their sins by His atoning blood, and progressively transform them to be like him in holiness and righteousness. Based upon the prayer "Love Lustres at Calvary," from The Valley of Vision, this song continues the apostolic tradition of expressing endless wonder in the boundless and perplexing love revealed in the Cross of Christ (Gal. 6:14). The cry of every true believer's heart is to not only apprehend the love of God more clearly, but to rest in it and be conformed to it in his or her personal character and daily life more fully.


Love unbounded, love perplexing,
All who hear it stand amazed–
I, the sinner, should know justice,
Yet the Savior took my place:
His the dying, mine the living,
His the darkness, mine the light,
His the torment, mine the pleasure,
His the blindness, mine the sight.

Love revealed at Calvary,
Love that came to rescue me;
Dying I live, losing I gain,
Lord, let me rest, in the love of Calvary.

Love revealed in Jesus' suff'ring,
In the great exchange He made,
Proven mighty and eternal
At the triumph of the grave.
His the weeping, mine the singing,
His the hunger, mine the feast,
His rejection won my welcome,
In His cross my endless boast.

By Craig Johnson, Rick Owen, David L. Ward
© 2011, admin by Thousand Tongues


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Praise God for this song. The entirety of the gospel is taught. I will be teaching this song to our congregation. Thank you for your service to the church of God. God bless.
» Rhey Luna on September 14th, 2011

Amen. I hope that the love of Jesus that this song tells of will permeate my being and those that listen. Thanks for sharing the truth!
» John Poucher on July 17th, 2012
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