The King Has Come

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This Easter song frames the resurrection in terms of light. The darkness of the tomb - of death - has been banished by the light of the risen Savior Jesus. The "light of the world" (John 8:12) has come to bear our sin and shame, rising above the darkness set before him and leading us now to join him one day fully free of all of our burdens and struggles.


Verse 1:
We have stumbled in the darkness,
Led by shadows of the night;
We remember there's a promise
That will lead us to the light.

The King has come, the King has come,
The Lamb of God, the Risen One;
The Lord of all has come to reign
And He has borne our sin and shame,
The King has come.

Verse 2:
Oh the Savior never faltered,
Rose above His darkest hour;
He fulfilled His father's promise,
Leads us by His love and pow'r.

He has carried all our burdens,
All our sins away.
He has given life and freedom
By His glorious grace.

By Steve Bernadette Ihde, David Delgado, & David L. Ward
© 2018, admin Thousand Tongues


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