The Cross Is Higher

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A Christian is one who has come to see the world with fresh eyes - eyes informed by the truth God's Word by the power of God's Spirit. One of the most basic revelations that believers "wake up" to is the depth and severity of their sin before a holy God. Though at conversion this sin is forgiven - past, present, and future (Ephesians 1:7) - we still experience struggle with sin and are commanded to continually ask God for forgiveness that we might experience cleansing (1 John 1:9). So believers are repenters, with conversion as the first great act of repentance which inaugurates a new era of repentance. This song paints a picture of sorrow over sin; not morbidly introspective sorrow intended to prove ourselves before God in penance, but sorrow in light of what our sin cost the Lord and how it hurts Him. A neglected topic in worship songs, congregational repentance should be a vital part of our gatherings. But like Scripture, confession does not end with sorrow, but joy (Psalm 51:12). When we've done the hard work of climbing through our sinful entanglements to emerge at the bitter mountain-top, the gospel tells us that no matter how high our sin might rise, the power of the cross is able to level it all. And in its place God causes an even higher mountain of righteousness to rise which covers and replaces all of our sin. Thanks be to God for his inexpressible grace in forgiving our sins!


Verse 1:
The sun beats down on my misdeeds,
In darkness there is one who sees,
The great accuser charges me
And I have no excuse.
My secret thoughts are overheard
And measured by your holy word,
My ruined conscience you observe
And I have no excuse.
Father, I have sinned
But you will not condemn.

The cross is higher
Than all the law required.
See the mountain of my ugliness
Levelled by your grace.
The cross is higher,
Your life is mine forever,
I am covered by your loveliness
And run to your embrace,
The cross is higher.

Verse 2:
My every day confirms my guilt-
What I have done, what I have willed,
But at the cross your blood was spilled,
So I need never hide.
And now I mourn unrighteousness
For every sin brought pain and death,
In love you gave your final breath
To call me to your side.
Father, I have sinned
But you will not condemn.

By David L. Ward
© 2015, admin Thousand Tongues


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