Rise, O Church, and Join Your Voices

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This congregational is not only a call to worship, but a call for the church - both laity and clergy - to take up their mission within God's Kingdom to bring the gospel to the lost and needy in word and deed. May our churches rise and not only proclaim the gospel of God's mercy shown in Jesus, but live it out as they strive against sin, demonstrate His grace through transparency, and care for the helpless through concrete acts of mercy.


Rise, O church, and join your voices
To proclaim with one accord
With the saints gone long before you
Jesus is your risen Lord.
The foundation of your mission,
Given by the Living Word,
Is to teach and live the gospel
Until every tribe has heard.

Take the armor God has given,
Strengthened for redemption's fight;
Not with people is your battle
But to conquer dark by light.
Bring the mercy of your Father
To the hurting, needy, poor;
Be the hands and feet of Jesus,
Lead them to His kingdom's door.

Pastors, the Chief Shepherd follow
As you oversee the flock;
Help them labor in His promise-
"I shall build you on a rock."
Be to them not an example
Of your great religious zeal,
But a window of your failings,
That His grace might be revealed.

Never move from love and mercy
Demonstrated at the cross
As the King of might and glory
Gave Himself to suffer loss.
All your labors shall not earn you
Peace or pardon from His wrath
But should flow from holy justice
Overturned on Your behalf.

By Eric Schumacher & David L. Ward
© 2013 ThousandTongues.org, admin by Thousand Tongues


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