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Sin affects us in many ways; it is characterized in Scripture as a crime, a debt, and an oppressor. Not only are we victims of sin but we are the victimizers, hurting others and ultimately God by our self-rule and selfish acts. Before a holy and righteous God our sin makes us unclean. The debt of our sin is too great for us, making it impossible to earn our way back to a good standing with him. And our wounds run so deep that we are incapable of healing on our own or even rising to move towards God and ask for help. A Christian is someone who has come to grips with these truths and sees himself as being in need of rescue, with only one person who can rescue him - Jesus Christ. Jesus is uniquely able to cleanse, redeem, heal, and care for us, cover our shame, pardon us, settle our debts, defend, deliver, and accept us in ultimate and unconditional loving friendship. So let us sing to our great deliverer as we will for all eternity - "O Jesus You have rescued me."


Verse 1:
Lord, I was dirty,
You came and made me clean;
With tender mercy
You rescued and redeemed.
Though I was wounded
You came and healed my pain.
O Jesus, You have covered up my shame.

Verse 2:
Lord, I was guilty,
You came and pardoned me-
You paid my penalty;
Your love is guarding me.
I was a debtor,
You satisfied my claims.
O Jesus, I will treasure up Your name.

Praise my Redeemer, my great Defender,
O Jesus You have come for me.
You are my Savior, my true Deliverer,
O Jesus You have rescued me.

Verse 3:
I was an outcast,
You came and welcomed me;
Never embarrassed,
You have accepted me.
I was an enemy,
You came and called me friend.
O Jesus You have loved me to the end.

By David L. Ward
© 2017, admin Thousand Tongues


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