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The Bible is the believer's greatest tangible treasure. Since it is living and active, through our encounters with its pages we actually encounter the living Word, Jesus Christ. The Bible is our surest anchor to knowing and loving God, saving us from drifting into our tendency to fashion God after our own desires and ideas. John Newton knew this well, and in this hymn described the Bible as bread which feeds us, medicine which heals us, a shield which protects us, and a weapon with which we can fight our enemy, the greatest of which is Satan. This hymn is very suitable for singing before a sermon as we sing the words "Precious Bible, word of truth, come to capture me anew."

The original hymn behind this version (which has been extensively edited) has been published as a hymn text here.

This poem of unknown origin is a beautiful statement of why the Bible is our treasure:

The Bible contains two testaments. The Old is Law, the New is Love. The Old is the Bud, the New is the Bloom.

In the Old, man is reaching up for God. In the New, God is reaching down for man. In the Old, man is in the valley but can see the sun shining on the mountain tops. In the New he is on the mountain top basking in the sunlight of God's infinite love.


Verse 1:
Precious Bible, bread of Heaven,
Here my hungry soul is filled;
Endless portions freely given,
I am gorged yet never ill.
On the Savior's word I feed,
He will meet my every need.

Verse 2:
Precious Bible, in my weakness
Will revive my soul and mind,
Or when wounded by the darkness
Healing medicine I find.
To the promises I flee,
Each a perfect remedy.

Verse 3:
Precious Bible will protect me,
Satan cannot make me yield;
Every Scripture rises quickly
As a strong and mighty shield.
Since the word of truth is sure
From his malice I'm secure.

Verse 4:
Precious Bible is my weapon,
I will take the Spirit's sword;
Let the tempter try to threaten-
See him tremble at the Word.
Precious Bible, word of truth,
Come to capture me anew.

Words by John Newton (1725-1807) & David L. Ward. Music by David Ward.
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