Jesus, Come and Heal Our Land

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This song was born out of a time of national unrest in the United States. As we sing, we are crying out that God might heal our land of the racial, socioeconomic, and other injustices that abound. The only place that we will find true healing from our wounds and offenses, and the only place we will find true justice, is at the cross where we see love and justice meet. It is here that the just one, Jesus, became unjust by bearing our crimes as his own. Oh that we might kneel together at the foot of the cross where the ground is level.


Verse 1:
We've wandered and we've strayed
From your Holy Word,
Denied and disobeyed the Lord.
Though once enlightened
We are back in the night.
Lord, draw us back to you.

Jesus, come and heal our land-
Every tribe and tongue and man
God of mercy and truth,
Bring the cross into view,
Jesus, come and heal our land.

Verse 2:
We seek you in the place
Where you may be found,
Where justice and yet grace abound-
Upon the cross injustice
Fell on the just.
Lord, draw us back to you.
Lord, draw us back to you.

Restore us,
Restore us, we cry.

By Chip Connor & David L. Ward
© 2015, admin by Thousand Tongues


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