Hope in My Helplessness

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This song was born out a time of struggle in the midst of uncertainty. Too often our worship songs focus on exuberant praise to the exclusion of darkness, depression, pain, or doubt. This is the place where many genuine Christians are when they come to worship so we would serve them best by not asking them to slap a "postive, encouraging" attitude on their wounds like a band-aid, but by facing their struggles head-on, reminding ourselves of the truth that confronts these doubts and praying for God's help. That is what this song attempts to do by remembering that Jesus walked the same road of struggle that we do and gives his strength to those who will simply ask Him for it in the midst of their neediness and weakness. Praise God that there is hope in our helplessness, for that is often all we have to give Him.


When patience turns to bitterness
And grace becomes mundane,
The comforts of what I profess
Have long ceased to remain;
When providence imprisons me
And peace fades like a dream,
Command my doubts to Calvary
Where Jesus overcame, where Jesus overcame.

When memories of Your tender care
Are marred by anxious schemes
And child-like trust becomes despair
By disappointed dreams;
When confidence is dispossessed
My soul will courage find
For hope is found in helplessness-
My Savior's strength is mine, My Savior's strength is mine.

Hope in my helplessness, Love in unrighteousness;
Jesus gives faith and hope to the helpless.

My Savior knows this dark unrest,
Was wounded by its wars;
Through bloody tears He found His rest-
"Yet not my will but Yours."
To shame and suffering He resigned
For pure, unending joy;
His faith and triumph now is mine,
The power of doubt destroyed,
The power of doubt destroyed.

Words & Music by David L. Ward
© 2013 ThousandTongues.org, administered by Thousand Tongues


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Mr. David Ward, this song is AMAZING. A true, deep encouragement to my sometimes heavy soul. We are SO thankful that you and Sherry have become part of our church.
» Jeanna (from CBC) on August 26th, 2014
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