His Church Remains

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If you have been a part of any church for a few years you have undoubtedly experienced some of what this song describes. While it is true that the church is God's chosen institution to bring His kingdom to bear in this world, it is full of redeemed sinners. And since Christians still struggle with sin, that sin is sometimes amplified to become institutional. Churches can develop organization elitism and blindly follow charismatic leaders who subtly lead the church into their own vision rather than God's. And when it all comes crashing down, we can feel ashamed - foolish to not have been discerning enough to see the problems ahead of time and take a stand against them. If we're not careful to remember the gospel and God's promises to his church, we can become bitter and untrusting, or even abandon the church altogether. But there is hope for the church that drives us to remain even though we know we are likely to be hurt again (and do the hurting) - the hope of God's promise that "the gates of hell shall not prevail against [the church]." (Matthew 16:18). Though individual churches may rise and fall, the church as a whole will endure until the end when she shall finally stand before Jesus as His spotless bride. So take heart, child of God - though you may be stung by a church, Jesus can give you his own strength to forgive, be wronged, and ultimately to love until He comes to rescue us all finally and fully.


Verse 1:
When our churches faint and our leaders flee,
When the boasts of men turn to tragedy;
When the sin we've fought becomes our shame,
When our trust is gone He still remains,
When our trust is gone He still remains.

Verse 2:
All we taste is loss, all we know is hurt;
But His promise stands- He will build His church.
He will not forget our fear and pain,
Though our faith is weak His love remains,
Though our faith is weak His love remains.

We lift our eyes to see the King
Still reigning on His throne.
We stand secure, He shall not flee-
The church remains His own.

Verse 3:
Jesus came in love for His enemies,
We who were at odds now are family.
By His precious blood He overcame,
Through the gates of hell His pow’r remains,
Through the gates of hell His pow’r remains.

Verse 4:
When the feast has come and His bride appears
He will wash her stains and will dry her tears.
We will sing as one, "the Lamb was slain!"
For eternity His church remains,
For eternity His church remains.

By Jordan Kauflin & David L. Ward
© 2016 ThousandTongues.org, admin Thousand Tongues


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