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The Lord Jesus Christ has called his people on earth to be involved in taking the Gospel to all the nations. Every believer is to be involved, whether through going, sending, or praying—and probably some of each. Yet we know that this task will be difficult. It calls us to leave behind our family, the comforts of home and enter into suffering. It requires that we sacrifice our money, our time and our reputations to point others to Christ. Unless we value Christ more than these things, we will not go or send or pray. Therefore, this song is a prayer that the Lord would move us, his people, to go and keep going until every people group on earth display the worth of Jesus Christ. It is a prayer that the Lord would free us from the shackles of our idols so that men might be set free by the truth. It is a prayer that Lord would empower us to go to every land. It is a prayer that the Lord would encourage his missionaries in difficult situations through the promise of the triumph of his Kingdom through the preaching of the Word. May the Lord be pleased to answer this prayer as it is sung from the hearts of his people!


O Lord, the peoples perish,
All scattered o’er the earth;
They give their praise to idols
And do not sing Your worth.
In Christ there is redemption
But how, Lord, can they know
Unless the Word is preached to them
So move us, Lord, to go.

Come and move us to join this cause,
May we go and send and pray
Until every nation, tongue and tribe
The worth of Christ display.

The Lord has charged His people,
Commissioned us to be
Ambassadors proclaiming
The truth that sets men free.
May we forsake our idols,
Our time and wealth and fame
To go and send and pray that all
May learn of Jesus’ name.

And we will be the fragrance
To all, of Jesus Christ;
To some we are the stench of death,
To some the scent of life.
O Lord, send forth Your Spirit,
Empower those who preach
To spread the fame of Christ the King
‘Till every land is reached.

And when the field looks barren,
When enemies assail,
Remind them that the gates of hell
Shall not be what prevail.
The seed that they have scattered
Has not been sown in vain;
May they press on in faithfulness
And trust what You ordain.

By Eric Schumacher & David L. Ward
© 2008 ThousandTongues.org, admin by Thousand Tongues


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