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What human beings need most, the one thing that will produce in them everything else that they need, is more of Jesus, by faith. This song explains what we mean by the phrase "more of Jesus." We ask the Lord to wean us from earthly things and replace our hunger for what doesn't last with a hunger to know and love Jesus more. We don't need a special experience like a dream or prophecy, what we need is really Jesus, whom dreams or prophecies are really about. We need Jesus to draw near, driving out our doubts and conquering our fears, so that with unashamed confidence we can go forward doing what is good and right and striving against sin because of His gracious acceptance of us. May the Lord "catch our wayward gaze" and "fix it on [His] grace."


Verse 1:
Spirit of God, fall on my heart,
Wean me from earthly things.
Come take Your place in my ev'ry part
Until my spirit sings.
I ask no dreams, no prophecies,
Just show me Jesus.

Make me love You again,
Break the power of sin,
Give me Jesus He's all I need;
Holy Spirit, come give me Christ.

Verse 2:
Teach me to feel that You're always near,
Speak to my struggling soul.
Drive out my doubt, conquer my fear,
I'm broken, come make me whole.
I ask no sight of angelic skies,
Just show me Jesus.

Catch my wayward gaze,
Fix it on Your grace,
Once again amaze me by Your love.

Words & Music by David L. Ward, based loosely on a hymn by George Croly (1780-1860)
©2013, admin by Thousand Tongues


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