Ever Faithful

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From Michael Roderick:

This hymn was composed after a fairly long writing drought in my life. One evening when I was practicing and improvising, I had an unusually powerful impression of the grace of God, brought on by a great deal of reflection on past sins, mistakes, and hypocrisy; and again the scriptural testimony that "if we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself" entered my thoughts and refused to leave.

The overarching truth that the glory and faithfulness of God will remain, and indeed triumph - despite the sin of one man, the sin of mankind, and the darkness of the fallen world - is the heart of the hymn.


When the glory has departed and I’m weary from the wait;
When my prayers ascend disheartened and my certainty abates;
When I follow at a distance, both forgiven and ashamed,
What great strength I find in weakness! Ever faithful He remains.

When I boast in my achievements and I lose my sense of need;
When my wish to be exalted is the light by which I lead;
When I worship for appearance and I love for what I gain,
What unmerited forbearance! Ever faithful He remains.

When I see my heart correctly, only tears befit my state;
When there’s nothing to protect me it is easier to break;
When I fight the tender mercy and prefer the wretched pain,
Grace will wrest from me the vict’ry. Ever faithful He remains.

When the stars shake free from heaven and the seasons stop their course;
When I stand with those forgiven where the river has its source,
As this old earth burns to ashes, we will join the saints’ refrain:
Ever sovereign, ever glorious, ever faithful He remains.

By Michael Roderick
© 2006 Michael Roderick


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