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We do not often publish songs with completely original texts. A former pastor at Calvary Baptist Church, Robert Glenn has written beautiful lyrics explaining why we can find joy, satisfaction, and rest in God. As we sing an overview of His character, recalling His perfect righteousness, unfailing promises, and righteous judgment, we remember what a truly good and perfect God it is that we can find rest in.


We thank You Lord according to
Your perfect righteousness.
And so we bring our praise to You;
The Lord most high we bless.

O Lord Our God You only
Can satisfy our souls.
And as the deer pants for the brook
We yearn for Your repose.

And let all who find rest in You
Enjoy Your name forever.
You bless all who love You
And surround them with Your shield.

O Holy One of Israel
Whose promises can't fail;
Your people will turn back to You
And cease to weep and wail.

O God, You are the Righteous Judge
Who cannot look on sin.
Yet in Your love for Your dear Son
You cleanse us from within.

By R.W. Glenn & David L. Ward
© 1999 ThousandTongues.org, admin by Thousand Tongues


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