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This song would function well as a call to worship for it reminds us of God's gracious invitation to come to Him to find love, mercy, family, satisfaction, comfort, healing, laughter, freedom, and rest. We need not shrink back before Him or grovel, for His heart of grace is bursting with love and desires to bless us with all of these things and more. For those who have been reconciled to Him through the work of Jesus, He has the affection of a father towards with no trace of wrath left at all. Though there is a sense in which we may grieve Him, He is never cold, unwelcoming, or distant towards us but continues to welcome us back into His presence with great joy. May we come before Him in worship with the kind of freedom, rest, and yes, even laughter, that this song describes.


Verse 1:
Come to the shore of love without fail,
Come to the war where mercy prevails,
Come to the home that calls you to stay,
Where kindness unknown will sweep you away.

Verse 2:
Come to the feast where hungry are filled,
Where suffering is ceased and sorrows are stilled,
Come to the sun that brightens your soul,
Come to the one who makes you whole.

Here is the place where laughter is served,
You'll find it by grace for it's undeserved.
So leave your regrets and pride at the door-
Find freedom and rest when you come to the Lord.

Verse 3:
Come to the land of riches for all,
Where justice will stand, the wicked will fall,
Come to the dream that never awakes
Where joy never seen for you awaits.

Words & Music by David L. Ward
© 2014, admin by Thousand Tongues


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