All Praise to God Alone

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This is a hymn written for the missions organization SIM for their 125th celebration. It has become a theme song which encapsulates their mission and vision statements.

SIM's Purpose:
Convinced that no one should live and die
without hearing God's good news,
we believe that He has called us
to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ
in communities where He is least known.

SIM's Vision:
To see a witness to Christ's love where He is least known,
disciples of Jesus expressing God's love in their communities,
and Christ-centred churches among all peoples.


With thanks we look behind us
And see what God has done-
Redeeming us from sin and death
Through Jesus Christ, his Son.
In faith, we look before us
And trust what God will do
As we are sent throughout the earth
Proclaiming the good news.

In love, he left his Father
To seek and save the lost,
Exchanging Heaven's pleasure for
The anguish of the cross.
In love, we leave our comforts
And count this world as loss
To share with those who have not heard
The wonders of the cross.

All praise to God; All praise to God alone!

By prayer, he faced affliction,
Fulfilled his Father's plan,
Knowing in the face of death
That he would live again.
By prayer, we cross the barriers
Of nation, tongue, and tribe
And make disciples of the Lord
To see Him glorified.

All praise to God; All praise to God alone!

In hope, we trust his promise
Our mission will not fail
For Christ the King will build his church
And hell cannot prevail
In hope, we see the ending,
The Lamb upon his throne,
And all the saints before him sing,
"All praise to God alone!"

All praise to God; All praise to God
All praise to God; All praise to God Alone!

By Eric Schumacher & David L. Ward
Written for the 125th Anniversary of SIM
© 2017, admin Thousand Tongues


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