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Verse 1:
You've been gone for oh so long;
At least it seems that way,
No peace, no rain for days.

Verse 2:
I cry out, you send Your clouds
And gathering above
A perfect storm of love:

I can taste it, I can feel it,
Coming like a glory train.
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
Rain, sweet rain.

Verse 3:
Fall on me with constancy
And raze me to the ground;
I once was lost but now You've found me.

I'm standing in a blessed hurricane,
I'm standing in a blessed hurricane;
I open up my soul to catch the rain.
You crash, You consecrate,
You wash myself away.

So let me be Your grace in motion,
Let me love with a love insane.
Drown me in Your holy ocean;
Rain, sweet rain, my rain.

Words & Music by Jake Armerding
© 2013 ThousandTongues.org, admin by Thousand Tongues


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