Let Us Shine

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This upbeat and fun song is reminiscent of the children's song "Let It Shine" and seeks to capture the sentiment of the parable of the lamp. Christians are called to let their "light shine before others, so that they may see [their] good works and give glory to" God. (Matthew 5:16) Fleshing out the parable with other biblical pictures of what it means to shine, we are also exhorted to let light shine on our secret sins, shine with the righteousness of Jesus (which produces good works in us) and look forward to when the true light of Jesus will again shine at the dawning of the new heavens and earth.


Verse 1:
The light of the world has cast its brilliant rays,
Expelling the darkness inside.
Why cover it up with vain and selfish ways?
Come cast all your secrets aside.

Verse 2:
By faith we have seen the face of Jesus Christ,
The bright-shining ancient of days;
So why wear a mask of deception and pride?
Come live in the light of His grace.

Let us shine, let us shine, let us shine like the sun,
Lifted high like a lamp on a stand;
For the glory that shone in our hearts has just begun-
Leave the darkness behind, let us shine.

Verse 3:
The hope of the world- the light that we possess-
Will shine in the darkest of nights;
The beacon of grace is His own righteousness,
So gleam with the merits of Christ.

Verse 4:
And soon we shall see a new and glorious morn
When Jesus descends from the skies;
The curse shall dissolve and all will be reborn
By the light of the glory of Christ.

By Aaron Lee & David L. Ward
© 2014 ThousandTongues.org, admin by Thousand Tongues


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