Let All the Earth Rejoice

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A festive, triumphant traditional hymn set for four voices and organ (or piano).


Verse 1:
Rejoice, O earth, the land and sea!
Though once you groaned to be set free,
The Lord has heard your sigh and plea
And soon his reign each eye shall see.

Verse 2:
Rejoice, O sinner; lift your head!
Though once your stains were crimson red,
The Lord has suffered in your stead
And lives to raise you from the dead.

Let all (let all) the earth (the earth) lift up its voice
Let all, (let all) let all the earth rejoice!

Verse 3:
Rejoice, O nations, far and wide!
Though once a people cast aside,
The Lord has dressed you as his bride
And no good gift shall be denied!

Verse 4:
Rejoice, O church, and raise your song!
Though now you mourn and cry, “How long?”
The Lord is filled with grace prolonged
And gathers patiently his throng.

By Eric Schumacher & David L. Ward
© 2015 ThousandTongues.org, admin by Thousand Tongues


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