If I Rise to the Heavens

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Psalm 139 is a precious prayer from a soul in turmoil (David), reaching out to his Heavenly Father for guidance, wisdom, and peace. It is a reminder that God intimately knows us - both our outer and inner circumstances - and is always with us no matter how far we might stray from Him.


Verse 1:
You feel my heartache,
Capture my tears;
From night to daybreak You're near.
You see my struggle,
Know every fear;
In times of trouble You're near.
So help me open up my heart,
You've promised never to depart.

If I rise to the heavens,
If I sink into the sea,
I am always forgiven and free.
On the wings of the morning,
In the cover of the night,
You will always be bringing Your light.

Verse 2:
You won my pardon
Though I had failed,
Love over ruin prevailed.
You bore the sentence
That I should face
And gave repentance by grace.
So help me open up my heart,
You've promised never to depart.

How precious are your thoughts to me,
They number more than the sand.
When I am awake I'm still with you
So lead me by the hand.

Words & Music by David L. Ward
© 2014 ThousandTongues.org, admin by Thousand Tongues


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